Daft Punk Cancel Appearance On The Colbert Report To Attend MTV’s VMA

Daft Punk were set to play on The Colbert Report last Tuesday night, but cancelled at the last minute in order to make a shock appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Presenter Stephen Colbert wasn’t too happy about their no-show, however, and made sure to dish the dirt on air.

The duo were meant to perform their hit single ‘Get Lucky’ as part of the “Colbchella ‘013”, but it was announced on air that they had not attended. Colbert said

“Now they’re not here tonight and I have accepted a lot of money from our Colbchella sponsor, Hyundai, so not delivering the song of the summer is a real kick in my balls”.

He then bought on Ashton Kutcher, well known for presenting Punk’d, and asked him “So Ashton, Daft Punk not being here, did I get punk—ED?”, to which Kutcher replied “No, you got fuck—ED”.

However, Colbert didn’t let it spoil the party, announcing “I don’t care what MTV allows. My audience gets the song of the summer if they want it and I don’t even need Daft Punk to choose my show over the VMAs to get it. This is Colbchella, goddamnit, and it is time to dance“.

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