Samsung Galaxy S4 Review With BBC Radio 1’s Alice Levine!


HTF took a trip to Brick Lane in London to meet up with Radio 1 Presenter, Alice Levine, to take a look at the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung needed some hardcore music mogul’s to give the phone a good testing to see how music fans could use some of the phones new features so we took a first hand look at the device to test them out and see what we thought.

GalaxyS4First feature we took a look at was Dual Shot. Basically, the idea is you can take a photo with both front and back cameras together to create one photo. Now the instant thought for this one would be for photos at gigs. Just say there is an epic moment at your favourite bands concert, not only can you photograph the band rocking out but you can capture your reaction to it at the same time capturing the moment completely. I only wish I had this feature when I took my girlfriend to see Beyonce recently. I would have had a right laugh looking back at the photos with her face streaming with tears as Beyonce shook her immaculate booty! With the Galaxy S4 these moment will never be missed again!

Up next was Air Gesture which allows you to flick through your phones photo gallery purely by waving your hand over the phone; you don’t even touch it! Now this feature would be a god send at festivals. If your camping it’s guaranteed your gonna end up with muddy hands, that’s standard, so if you want to show your mates the photos of the band they just missed you can with minimal ‘hand to phone’ contact. Just a simple wave over and the photos side forward or backwards. Brilliant!

And the last feature we took a look at was Sound And Shot. This is a perfect gigging tool. You can take a photo and attach a sound recording of up to 10 seconds to it so you can fully re-live the moment. Now when you show your mates at home the gig you went to last night they can also hear the moment as well for ultra effect!

So in summary, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has some great features if your into music and like to get sweaty and dirty at gigs and festivals; def one for your potential upgrade list! Take a look at the video below to see me and Alice testing the features and get all the in-depth info over at the Samsung site –

You can also check out our exclusive interview with Alice here.


Video filmed using the Samsung Galaxy S4

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