The Walkers Crisps ‘Home Grown’ Adventure

So we all love eating crisps don’t we? When I’m having a busy night working I have, on many occasions, stuffed my face with more crisps that my stomach wants to allow. It’s a satisfying feeling and one I’m sure we can all relate to. Everyone loves a crisp binge!

What I have never known though really is how they are made. Well Walkers have come to the rescue there. Nice one Mr Walkers……Is there a Mr Walkers? Hmmm! Anyways…

Walkers recently announced they were to start using only home grown British ingredients for their crisps to get rid of the chemical flavouring and add in some REAL cheese, pork, tomatoes, chicken etc into the mix to get those real authentic tastes. So who better to send out than the main Walkers man himself, Mr Gary Linekar, in a jazzed up campervan to go and find out a little bit more about it. Also, as an added surprise, they invited along Gary’s dad Barry who has had years and years of experience as a fruit and veg seller to give his thoughts on it all as well. Good old Barry!

Starting in their home town of Leicester they travel to see the tomato growers in Evesham, pop down and check out some spuds at a potato farm in Hook and get cheesy down at a Ditcheat dairy farm!

So go grab some crisps and stuff your face to this little adventure and get educated!


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