Liam Neeson Lends Voice in The Nut Job!

The Nut JobPeter Lepeniotis‘s cheeky CGI animation about a squirrel and a rat planning a heist on a nut shop sounds a lot like a kiddy version of The Italian Job… right? Adapted from Lepeniotis‘s 2005 short Surly Squirrel, the animal animation has certainly got some A-listers interested; most importantly Liam Neeson. Why? We are not so sure yet.

The actor has decided he wants to branch out of his acting comfort zone and lend his voice to a striped outlaw in the form of a raccoon. When discussing Neeson‘s involvement, Lepeniotis stated, “Having the distinguished Liam Neeson lend his talents as the raccoon villain is the perfect finishing touch. His contribution fulfils that dramatic need in our comedy adventure. It’s an honour working with him.”

But Neeson is not the only big name attached to this strange yet quirky animation, with Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fraser and Jeff Dunham all lending their voices to the furry characters too.

Now, Neeson is not new at voice work, his most famous being heard in The Chronicles of Narnia films as Aslan, as well as voicing “deceased” Jedi master Qui-Gonn Gin in George Lucas’s The Clone Wars. However, The Nut Job does start a new acting avenue of voicing CGI villains for the star. Interesting!

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