Experience Dirty Dancing at Pineapple Studios


We think it’s safe to say we’ve all wanted to be swept off our feet like Jennifer “Baby” Grey , or be as awesome as Patrick “Roundhouse” Swayze at some point in our lives. Well our friends at the Roof Top Film Club are letting you do just that.

They’ve teamed up with the (in)famous Pineapple Studios in London to give the complete ‘Dirty Dancing‘ experience. Visionaries in innovative ways to watch cinema, the Roof Top Film Club have open air, roof top venues all over London. Showing the best of the best films all throughout summer in a chilled out silent disco-esque style.

Now with the help of trained dance instructors, they are inviting everyone to come for along for an half hour dance lesson (including the lift), before a dance along screening of the 80s classic. Watermelon cocktails are also available. Nobody puts Baby in the corner, so get your watermelon and get involved.

The event is on the 26th of August and tickets are available from www.experiencecinema.com. And for any one that’s not a fan of dancing, ‘Road House’ is being shown on the 4th.

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