Dyatlov (Devil’s) Pass Trailer Revealed

Fancy uncovering some gruelling conspiracies whilst faring knee deep through eerie snow blazoned mountain top thriller scenes? The Dyatlov Pass (or the Devil’s Pass as our  friends in the states shall be calling it), is definitely a release you should be waiting for in eager anticipation if you answered yes to that question.

It’s time to get your detective kits out as we join a cast including, Gemma Atkinson, Richard Reid, Holly Gross, Matt Stokoe and Luke Albright in Renny Harlin’s re-telling of true events in which nine American students will venture out into Snowy Russia to uncover the happenings which took place there in the year 1959, which saw a group of skiers succumb to brutal and unnatural deaths.  However, the same fate begins to befall the nine American students which will undoubtedly make for assured edge of the seat affairs and a fair number of viewer gasps and screams.

You can watch the official trailer for Dyatlov Pass now, below.

 The film will hit UK cinemas on August 28th.  Mark that in your calendars now!

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