Burgundys Back- Anchorman 2 Trailer

Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) returns in this much anticipated sequel along side Champ (David Koechner), Brian (Paul Rudd) and the hilariously awkward Brick (Steve Carell). This time they are returning to be part of a groundbreaking new plan for a 24 hour news channel, which Ron sees as “what god put Ron Burgundy on this earth to do”. This could be one of the most entertaining films the year, with its great cast including; Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford and Sacha Boren Cohen . You may have seen the hilarious first installment but there was enough alternate scenes and takes from Anchorman to create a separate, and lesser known film called Wake Up Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie, a sort of Anchorman 1.5 and definitely worth a watch.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is due out in the UK on December 20th. In the mean time feast your eyes on this brand new trailer!

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