Brand New Muppets Most Wanted Teaser Is Released

A brand new teaser trailer for Muppets Most Wanted has just been released.

It is the very definition of a teaser, with not much given away at all and instead features a hilarious mock of a current trend of crowdsourcing Twitter quotes to promote a movie. The Muppets own spin obviously is a lampoon to the norm, with made up names and quotes from The Muppets used to entice fans to see it.

The plot features Kermit and the gang going on a global tour. Inevitably it doesn’t go exactly to plan and they actually end up getting entangled in a huge international heist.

With Ricky Gervias and Tina Fey leading the human cast, you can also expect a shed load of other cameo’s to go alongside them much like the first film. It also see’s the return of the previous films director and Flight Of The Conchords veteran, James Bobin.

The film is out in the UK on March 28 and you can find the teaser below:

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