Top 10 Halloween Make-Up Tutorials On YouTube


In celebration of Halloween, the fashion team at HTF have compiled 10 favourite Halloween make-up tutorials that will definitely freak you out when you see the final result…

The super talented Nic from Pixiwoo transformed herself into a very scary and realistic witch. We’re talking brown teeth and moles. But what we mostly found creepy is how she puts on a fake nose and manages to make it look so authentic!

If you are a movie geek, you can even take inspiration from Batman’s Harley Quinn character. We reckon Julia Graf did an awesome job: pale skin, red eyebrows, and one glamorous Harley Quinn. We’re sure you will love this tutorial.

Speaking of Batman, we loved Emma PicklesJoker tutorial. If you want to scare some people this Halloween, make sure you follow her scar steps. They look so real, and identical to the Joker’s. Emma finished off her perfect Joker tutorial by using green hairspray on her hair and wearing a similar costume.

We all know how amazing YouTube make-up guru Promise Tamang is when it comes to transforming herself into celebrities and fictional characters! We stumbled upon her tutorial of Emily from the Corpse Bride movie, and thought it really looked like the real thing. Giving great attention to detail – blue wig, flower crown with a ripped veil, and a flower bouquet – this make-up tutorial is very convincing!

Promise has done it again! This time, she took inspiration from Sebastian Bieniek’s Double Face Photo series and showed us how to pull off a trippy double face and freak out some people. Brilliant!

This Halloween, Michelle Phan transformed herself into La Bella Muerte, inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skulls. If you are the creative type, this hauntingly beautiful look is definitely for you.

Clowns can be quite scary, and Melissa Bernard has hit the nail on the head! With fake blood under the eyes and a killer clown look, Halloween couldn’t get scarier!

If you want to look cute instead of scary, you should definitely follow Shaaanxo’s tutorial as she transforms herself into a crying cartoon girl. We really love the face covered in white spots, intense black eyebrows and expression marks, as well as the eye and lip colours she used to achieve this look. Finishing off the tutorial with anime blue contacts and a purple wig, Shannon looked amazing!

To steer away from the traditional vampire look, Carli Bybel took inspiration from The Vampire Diaries and created a sexy vampire look. She even added the creepy veins and vampire teeth!

ReeRee Phillips transformed herself into a mummy, the deceased human type. She did a great job, and the layering effect of linen bandages was perfectly achieved by using grey and black eyeshadows to give depth and shadow. So cool!

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