Through The Looking Glass(es)

Duckworth Painted Desert

How many times have you walked out of your optometrist’s office with a pair of overpriced boring plain black prescription glasses? One too many I’m sure, but you tell yourself that it’s not about the look as long as it serves its purpose.  Well now, aren’t you modest.

We all know that over the years eyewear – prescription or not – is one of the key accessories in the fashion industry. But nothing comes cheap with fashion. And then came Warby Parker

Warby Parker, a brand founded by four college friends who translated their rebellious spirit, love for adventure and travel and infused their ideas with an objective of creating boutique-worthy eyewear at a fraction of the normal retail price.

The brand has put a spin on vintage inspired shapes and added a creative flair with intricate patterns that have taken them over a year to perfect before they introduced their new Palm Canyon Collection.

For someone like me who wears prescription glasses 99% of the time, it’s really difficult to not only find a suitable colour but proper shapes that don’t exaggerate how round my face is or makes me look really nerdy and awkward ( like my current pair).

HTF pic 1

Warby Parker has perfected versatility with their new updated versions of their best sellers – Winston, Preston, Duckworth and Wheeler – and then an additional Palm Springs palette of mesquiet, acacia, ironwood and sand.

Fast forwarding, they have gone over and beyond to infuse the Palm Springs palette with unique patterns inspired by midcentury minimalists and Colour Field painters.

If that wasn’t enough, no two frames are the same; just the design and construction took over a year to produce high-end, unique eyewear.

There are two specific frames that have made me go ” Ooooh la la…”, followed by “Do they ship to South Africa?”, for me the darker hues have always been my favourite.

With the Duckworth Painted Desert, one can easily see the woodwork-inspired acetate pattern. It’s unique, it’s clean and almost as if you can feel the texture in the frames.


And finally, my absolute favourite of the whole collection is the Wheeler Revolver Black; it really is a timeless piece because of course, black is the new black. The way the line just curves around the lenses adds such sharpness to the frame, but it still remains to be soft and chic. For more information about the collection and previous collections visit


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