Story Time With Lily Cole & Co

Lily Cole is making everyone (including us!) so proud, with her participating in a menagerie of charity projects and campaigns around the world. With her being an ambassador for Sky Rainforest Rescue and Global Angels, and just receiving her third degree… Cole‘s a busy girl.

But it comes as no surprise that she is taking part in a six-hour readathon in London’s Trafalgar Square this Saturday, July 13.  She will be among celebrity royalty, such as Rupert Everett, Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry, Boris Johnson and many more.

The Get Reading Festival is a free event running from 11am – 5pm and the public can even read along to interactive screens as some of Britain’s famous faces share extracts from their favourite books. So if you’re in London this weekend, why not check it out. Who wouldn’t want to be read to by Hugh Grant? We certainly would!

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