Interview: Sick Clothing (HTF Exclusive Fashion Interview)


Drawing influence upon the rock and punk scene, Sick Clothing  is one brand that proves music and fashion really do go hand in hand. The edgy line has created unique rock ‘n’ roll merch for some of the hottest British bands, including the likes of, Young Guns, Kids In Glass Houses, Gallows and Night Of The Living. Sitting down to chat to co-founder Kelly Johnson, we discussed everything, from horses to Slipknot. Here’s what she had to say…

HTF: Hi Sick Clothing! Can you tell us a little bit about the founders of the brand?

KJ: Hi! Yes it was founded by my sister Lele and myself. We are from South London but have recently moved to the woods in Sussex. We’ve been making tshirts part time for about 6 years and started selling them at our band’s [SPEAKS music] shows, but for the last couple of years we have been specialising in making one off band merch. We have also started hand making patterned tops and are currently working on dresses and skirts!

HTF: How did you both get into fashion design?

KJ: We just love clothes and have no money to buy them!

HTF: A girl after our own heart! Have you always had an interest in fashion?

KJ: No! When we were kids we were always working at stables and riding ponies! We got into fashion after high school.

HTF:  How do you come about sourcing inspiration for your clothing?

KJ: Mostly film, TV and music! As well as photos of our mum in the 80’s/90’s.

HTF:  How would you describe your own personal style?

KJ: I guess both our styles are inspired by punk/harcore/metal/rock music and also actresses and models from the 90’s.

HTF: So, who are your style icons?

KJ: Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Tank girl, Jemina Pearl, The Olsens and Tia & Tamera.

HTF: You’ve done a lot of music collaborations with bands like Young Guns. Do you feel that music and fashion go hand in hand or are polar opposites?

KJ: Yes fashion is totally helping to support music artists – they can’t survive without  merch sales! We first started doing the collaborations with Young Guns when their manager saw a Slipknot jacket I created for myself. It’s cool! Our clothing is inspired by music and the bands/artists we love, so it’s awesome to now work directly with them creating unique merch for their fans.

HTF:  Sounds great! So what type of girl or guy is a Sick Clothing customer?

KJ: Oh my god all kinds of freaks and weirdos!

HTF: What’s a typical day like at Sick HQ?

KJ: Well we usually wake up and walk the dog and go to the field to check on the horses, or sometimes we ride them, then we go back home get ready and start work. We have a really cool office over looking the woods – if you want to eat or make heat, you need to chop wood!

HTF: Finally what’s next for your label?

KJ: We really want to be a massively awesome denim brand like Levi’s or Calvin Klein – that’s the plan!

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