Interview: I Love Crafty (HTF Exclusive Fashion Interview)


From mermaids to romance to cats, I Love Crafty is a dream. After swooning over each and every jewellery piece, we managed to catch up with Laura, the lady behind I Love Crafty, to discuss her fun designs, favourite jewellery pieces and her plans for the future! You can keep up to date with I Love Crafty via FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram. And don’t forget to check out the I Love Crafty website, you will love everything!

HTF: What led you to start designing jewellery, and where did the name I Love Crafty come from?

ILC: I’ve always loved fashion and been “crafty” with my hands so I started making jewellery for my 3 sisters (they’re always hard to please when it comes to presents!) They suggested that I could sell the jewellery and that was the start. I also always wanted to be my own boss so starting my own business seemed the perfect thing for me! When it came to the name I was super stumped and came up with some crap ideas! I was decorating my first work diary with a collage of ripped pics from magazines and the words “I Love Crafty” appeared. It seemed perfect and meant to be!

HTF: All of your designs are so fun and original! Where does the inspiration come from?

ILC: I love all things kitsch and colourful so watching old movies and listening to music is always a good place to start for inspiration. I also choose a “muse” for each collection, for my “I’m really a Mermaid” collection it was Charlotte Free and for my “Feline Fatale” it was Alexa Chung. At the moment I’m designing a “Tropics” collection with the blogger Susie Lau in mind, I love her style and the way she wears colours. The collection is all clear neon acrylic pieces which looks amazing in the sunshine!

HTF: What is the process for crafting these pieces?

ILC: Every collection starts with a mood board, then generally a trip to the pub with a sketch book! Ha! Its amazing what a pint of cider in the sunshine can do!

HTF: Which is your all-time favourite piece from your collections?

ILC: That’s a hard one! I really love the “Mega Rad Necklace” as the detail on the filigree smiley face frame is I think pretty amazing but at the mo I really like wearing the new “The Mermaid Necklace” which is a sexy mermaid silhouette in iridescent acrylic which is LUSH. There are some pieces in the new collection which I’m in love with too…told you it was a difficult one!

HTF: What can you tell us about your clientèle?

ILC: They are fab! They send me pics of themselves in the jewellery which is the best and I love seeing the different ways they style the pieces! I also like to have a relationship with them so for instance I have a local customer who comes to my house to pick up her orders! I love that! My customers are also so enthusiastic about ILC which is a true inspiration to me!

HTF: Some I Love Crafty pieces are also stocked at Motel Rocks. How does that make you feel?

ILC: AMAZING! When a brand you’ve always loved backs and believes in your designs it’s the best feeling and I love working with them. I’m always learning and being inspired by them, it’s the best!

HTF: Are you working on any new pieces at the moment? What are your plans for the future?

ILC: Yep, I’m working on my new “Tropics” collection which is a summer themed collection full of colourful, light, fun pieces and I’m arranging the photo shoot at the mo which is very exciting. I’m also expecting my first baby at the end of the year so I’m planning away, getting organised for a busy Christmas which is very exciting and maybe it’ll be the start of a new generation of ILC designers! Ha! 2014’s gonna be crazy good!

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