Interview: Amanda Hendrick (HTF Exclusive Fashion Interview)


International model, dedicated blogger and spirit junkie – it’s no secret Amanda Hendrick is taking the world by storm. Ever since getting scouted by Select Model Management at the age of 21, Hendrick has worked for a number of different brands and designers across the globe, including the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Topshop, Paul Smith and Jean Paul Gaultier. Having now signed a contract with Supreme Models in New York is there anything stopping this woman?

We managed to catch up with the busy lady herself to discuss her career highs, career lows and all things fashion! You can keep up to date with Amanda via her Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram account.

HTF:  How did you get into modelling?

AH: Well I was first scouted by a photographer at a train station in Glasgow when I was 15. After that I did bits and bobs around Scotland for a few years but then stopped for a while and got a normal job working for my ex’s clothing line. I was working at a trade show for them, at 21, and my agency in London [Select Model Management] were scouting there and they found me. Not long after that I moved to London and it all just sort of snowballed from there.
HTF: What is the highlight of your fashion career?

AH: Probably when I shot my Smashbox campaign or when I walked the runway for Vivienne Westwood as she is my favourite high fashion designer! Also when I got my American visa! That was pretty cool as I never thought I was good enough to make it all the way to New York its a very strict market. New York are a lot more picky with their models as they have to sort them visas in order to work, so they have to be certain when they want a model to come over.

HTF: What was the lowest moment during your career?

AH: When I was in New York, about a year ago now, I was having a really hard time with myself and obsessing over everything way too much. My ego had well and truly gotten the better of me and I had gotten caught up in the industry and what i thought was expected of me which wasn’t even true. I was a really angry person and was having some weight issues. Eventually I broke up with my boyfriend because he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me – although I’m sure he would have noticed if he hadn’t been looking somewhere else. A day later I was stuck in Hurricane Sandy! I stayed there for a week with no electricity and had to walk 30 blocks to charge my phone everyday. Hurricane Sandy was seriously a blessing in disguise for me. It literally took everything away and all i was left with was my own thoughts. I had no choice but to face up to my demons. That was a real turning point in my life I think – I knew it was time to take a well needed break and sort myself out!

HTF: What been your favourite fashion show/campaign and why?

AH: Vivienne Westwood – because she’s  are cool as fuck and  totally gets me and what I’m all about! I love my Smashbox campaign too and also my Topshop campaign as that was the first  big job that was  booked after I came to London!

HTF: What’s the modelling industry like? Is it competitive or friendly? Do models see each other as competition?

AH: It is competitive and girls do get a little catty towards you and are sometimes rude. But I just like to kill them with kindness! they’re all still really young so don’t quite know how to act sometimes. Whatever happened to the sisterhood? We should all be happy for each other!

HTF: Who’s your favourite designer/brand and why?

AH: Vivienne Westwood is my favourite designer brand – I love all the campaigns she has to save the environment. She [Westwood] tries to encourage people to invest in a fewer, more, expensive things rather than buying a lot or crap that we don’t need! All of her leather is eco leather too and she doesn’t use any real fur which is cool! As for other brands I really love One Teaspoon, Wildfox and UNIF.

HTF:  How do you describe your own style?

AH: I don’t really know to be honest. I’m a little rock and roller! I like to look a bit undone and don’t like be too girly. I’ve always have to have a little bit of an edge and use to be a major tom boy when I was a kid.

HTF: What are your current fashion and beauty must have?

AH: Well since the weather is getting really warm right now I’m investing in a few different pairs of beat up cut off shorts! One Teaspoon are the best for those! As for beauty products I really love the Embryolisse face cream – it’s amazing and helps me fight spots. I use it before bed and before I do my makeup.

HTF: You’ve done catwalk shows across the world including New York, London and Milan. How do you feel street style across the globe compares and contrasts to the UK?

AH: I’m not really sure to be honest, I haven’t had the chance to pay attention. Whenever I’m in these places it’s always just for Fashion Week or for a day or two for a shoot, so I’m stuck in a studio or running around trying to meet with clients. It’s a shame, I don’t get the chance to hang out much!

HTF: Do you have any plans post your modelling career?

AH: I have no idea how long modelling will last! You never know what’s gonna happen in this industry! I really really want to be a music TV presenter after this though – so fingers crossed. I know I could do it but its just about meeting the right person that see’s your potential too! As for ambitions, I just want to travel the world and be HAPPY!

HTF: Do you have any tips or advice to give to girls who want to get into modelling?

AH: Just be yourself and be happy! Always have a smile on your face. Don’t take anything or anyone too seriously because you could loose yourself. You do need a thick skin as there will be a million knock backs but don’t take it personally, the clients already have an image of the girl they want in their head its’ not that you’re not good enough or not pretty or thin enough it’s just that you might not be right for their brand. It is hard not to get caught up in the whole weight and being thin enough situation but don’t pay attention to what anyone else looks like just concentrate on yourself and about being healthy – giving your body the exercise that it needs and nourishing your body and taking care of it!

HTF: Can you describe your typical day?

AH: It depends on what day! On a general day I usually just get up and go for my morning coffee and then head to the gym for about an hour. Sometimes I’ll have some castings so I’ll get ready and do that. Then maybe meet up with some friends or whatever it depends where I am in the world! Right now I’m in New York and have one of my good friends here who is also a model so we’ll go do something fun in the city! I usually don’t get my schedule from my agent till around 7pm every night so have to wait till then before I can decide if I can have a late night or not!

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