Interview: Audrey Kitching (HTF Exclusive Fashion Interview)


Lashings of pink mixed together in a quirky style, HTF‘s fashion team are going crazy for Audrey Kitching and who could blame us? The pink haired designer, model and blogger channels a unique nod to fashion that makes girls envious. Us included! We recently caught up with the star to talk about her clothing labels and the inspiration behind her designs. Here’s what she had to say.

HTF: Could you tell us a little about your clothing lines, Tokyolux, Coco De Couer and Lazy Bones, and the inspiration behind your designs? 

AK: Coco De Coeur is inspired by my youth. I spent a lot of my nights and days at skate parks with all my squatter punk friends. I grew up very city rebel rat style. It was so much fun sleeping at FDR vert ramps making fires in the trash cans and skating till sunrise. Tokyolux is more inspired by my current self. Edgy but still pretty with rainbow cats and flowers. Lazy Bones Vintage is a project me and my boyfriend do for fun. We have been so busy lately so it has kinda taken a back seat but I’m thinking of hiring someone to help bring it back to life in its full potential! We just partnered with a major showroom in Japan for Coco and Tokyolux so I’m very excited to be going global. There are some major, positive changes coming soon!

HTF: How important to you that your personality shines through your designs and what you create and how does it affect your success? 

AK: 110% importance in what I do! I have always lived life to the beat of my own drum. I like people to be able to relate and understand me through what I create. I think I’m doing a pretty good job at it so far!

HTF: As a kid, were you interested in fashion? And did you ever dream about living the life and doing the job(s) that you do now? 

AK: Totally, I use to play dress up like it was my job. I was always trying to go to school in purple leopard jumpsuits and Mickey Mouse dresses. My mother had to have some interventions with me about my style choices as a kid! I always kinda dreamed of being a stylist, model or designer, but I always thought you needed a lot of money and schooling to do it. Eventually I realised you can do anything you want to if you work hard and believe in yourself…and here I am!

HTF: As for modelling you’ve been doing it for a number of years now and some of your fans will remember you from the old “Myspace days”. How do you feel your style has changed as you’ve gotten older?

AK: I mean everyone had a Myspace back then! I was just a teenager when Myspace was relevant. So as anyone knows looking back at your “teen” experimental style years is always some what cringe worthy. I think those years are about finding yourself and rebellion. I was a broke kid just living for fun and friends, I dressed however I felt that day. Now my style is more refined. I know who I am, I work in the fashion industry and I take current trends and make them my own! I’m still edgy and quirky with my own twist, just a little less chaotic!

HTF: The tricky question! Do  you prefer to be in front of the camera modeling or behind it styling or right back in the wings designing? 

AK: It honestly depends on the day, sometimes I want to model. But if I’m feeling a bit under weather or having an ugly day  [if you’re a girl you know the feeling I’m talking about] those days I would rather be styling. Designing for me is all about comfort zone. If I’m in my office in comfy clothing with my tea and candles I can get into the mode and knock out some really rad ideas!


HTF: As a blogger you always provide your readers with fun and creative ideas by showing us new clothing and trends, but is there anyone who has played an important role in your life that someone who you look up to for inspiration? 

AK: I always get asked this kinda question and I never know quite how to answer. Yes and no. I don’t think there is anyone specific I look up to or ever have. But there are certain characteristics or qualities about people that I definitely take inspiration from. For example: I love the Olsen twins for their baggy homeless chic look, Jeremy Scott is genius for his modern day pop culture outrageous clothing. I love Pamela Love for her gypsy chic jewels also I’m loving Lana Del Rey for her hint ghetto retro style as well as Charlotte Free  since she has amazing modern day grunge style. I pull a little bit from everyone around me!

HTF: We’ve also heard you take part in a little fashion DIY. Is there a DIY project which is your favourite or one which has stood out the most for you?

AK: I’m always trying new DIY projects! I think my current favorite one was how to make a rock ring. I’m a modern day hippie so anything natural and crystal like im head over heels for!


HTF: What the overall highlight of your career?

AK: I think just being comfortable, knowing what I want and being my own boss. I have so many amazing interns and employees that make my job so much smoother and enjoyable. Being able to count on someone makes such a huge difference. I love that I can work from my bed in slippers and a silk robe, if I’m not feeling good, that’s amazing!

HTF: Is there a fashion trend which you love at the minute?

AK: Love, love, love the crystals and new age bindi style that is in fashion at moment. I have been into Buddhism, Hari Krishna and crystals forever and am always collecting them. Also the heavy mix match floral prints… love it. I learned how to mix prints from the Japanese and now I can put it to good use!

HTF: On the flip side, is there a trend you really don’t like? 

AK: I guess I’m a little over the ‘gothy’ look. Two years ago the ‘witchy goth’ was super fresh and fun, but now I want some jewels, stones and flowers…bring on spring!

HTF: Is there a piece of clothing or accessories which you can’t wait to get your hands on and is on your wish list at the moment? 

AK: I’m drooling over the Wildfox Jeffrey Campbell collaboration! The platform ballet flats are to die for, I’m counting down the days until they are out. If I don’t get my hands on a pair I may cry.


HTF: How do you think different cultures affect different fashions, For example; Japan, LA and England? How do the fashion’s contrast or complement each other? 

AK: Totally it just depends on what you see on a daily basis and what your inspired by! I feel like I would be totally different if I lived in Japan or England. I go back and forth from LA to NYC. When I’m out in LA my style is very beachy, carefree, gypsy hippie and when I’m in NYC I tend to dress a little more on trend, street wear, skate girly vibe.

HTF: What are your beauty must haves? 

AK: THE RED CARPET FACIAL! I swear by this product. It’s by a spa in Beverly Hills but you can  also buy it online. It’s a life changer. I’m also really into Tarte lucky lip surgence and bronzer, Dr. Bronners liquid lavender soap, Burt’s Bee’s radiance night cream and Ojon hair repair mask… I don’t think I could live without these products!

HTF: And finally, as a successful blogger, designer and model, do you have any ‘words of wisdom’ you would like to give to young people eager to get into the fashion industry? 

AK: Everyone always asks me about schooling. It really wasn’t for me, it may be for someone else, but not me. My own experiences is hands on and street smarts about how it really works. I would say get out there start interning for people, magazines, stylists,  models, designers, photographers basically anyone who will let you. BE PERSISTENT! Don’t take no for an answer bug people, they are busy and you are not their top priority! Doing it this way you not only get hands on experience you will make amazing connections and friends in the industry that are priceless! I never understood amateurs who say “I’m so talented I can’t work for free.” News flash I have been doing this for almost 10 years and I still work for free. If it’s a good creative project I believe in, with fun people and good press – why the hell not! The biggest downfall and failure I see is people getting too big for their bridges. I don’t care if you went to schooling and get paid for what you do, the moment you think your above doing anything for free is the moment your career is going to stall.

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