Event Review: Making It Big In Fashion, August 2013


Fashion, like any creative industry, is cutthroat in it’s rivalry. It’s highly sought after jobs are becoming over saturated with competitive candidates, so the thought of being in with a chance for your dream job seems slim however, there is help at hand! Event’s like Making It Big In Fashion run by TNBT Media are there to help those looking for advice about getting into the industry. So whilst the industry may be cutthroat, the people in it are quite the opposite! The night, held at Google Campus London, consisted of guest speakers from the fields of design, styling, pr, recruitment and production giving brief accounts of their career journey’s and experiences to a modest sized audience. The night had a fun relaxed vibe with a focus on Fashion and an emphasis on networking. The intimate gathering made is easy to engage in what the guest speaker had to say, making it feel more like a conversation than a dictation.

The full of life and enthusiastic fashion host Amina introduced the industry panel which included Emile Carr of Emile London, Nicholas Dex of ODF Clothing, Emma Hart of Push PR, Omi Api Style Consultancy, Leon Wenham a Fashion Recruiter at Elite Associates and Debbie Shasanya an Editorial and Production Assistant at ASOS. Each took their own individual paths to reach the points in the career where they are today, but all together they had one message overall; work hard and never give up!

First up was Emile who put emphasis on the importance of having work experience in fashion and gaining internships wherever possible. His own were impressive with time at Alexander McQueen and Kanye West under his belt! Hard work has paid of though as he now runs his own luxury brand Emile London, made entirely in the UK. Emile’s best advice: “Work hard and work smart!

OmiApi gave an inspirational talk about their consistent dedication to their business. Utilising any spare moment they can to make it work and make the world LOOK like a better place! Their business offer services to both women and men showing them how to realise their full style potential when they may have not known how to reach it before. They describe themselves as being for the everyday person – approachable, fun and affordable. They were insightful about the idea of working for free when you are first trying to build your business. If it is something you love doing, don’t see it as working for free, see it of a way of building a client base or swapping skills with other professionals. Never stop learning, in their words: “If you don’t try, you don’t achieve!

Emma Hart from Push PR celebrated her company’s 10 year mark in 2012, only after a long slog to get there though! What is refreshing about Push PR is that they believe in supporting more niche brands or designers they feel deserve to have their time. The affect that PR can have on those small brands is visible, for Emma it important to see the growth and nurture not only her own business but that of others. Her impatience and hard work has got her to where she is now with a motto of “don’t talk about it, just do it!

From the editorial and production side of things guest speaker Debbie from ASOS reminded the audience of just how over saturated the industry is, especially with new graduates and other more experienced professionals applying for the same jobs. Therefore in her experience it is incredibly important to tailor your CV and know exactly who you are, what you want to do and what you can offer. Though you may get many knock backs, after her herself being unemployed for a year making the remark, “don’t give up!

Interestingly following this advice came Leon from Elite Associates who stressed the importance of appearance and self presentation when applying to work for luxury brands, in his words: “You wouldn’t get your haircut from a hairdresser with crap hair!

Finally Nicholas from ODF clothing gave an inspirational talk about his interesting career. Taking inspiration from Oswald Botang and John Galliano and applying their ideology to his own sense of style, keeping the clothes simple but the brand fresh. There was great emphasis on his part about being true to yourself, you as a brand, business, designer, whatever it may be! But essentially to know who you are and create a vision that you can look back on and be proud of. Once again mentioning the tough nature of the fashion industry and an importance to almost force yourself on people to make yourself known, the most favoured advice of the evening had to be… “Have no shame, have game!!

To top the evening off we were treated to two fabulous fashion shows! Check out the Bola Hollis designs below…

All in all Making It Big In Fashion was very inspiring, motivational, relaxed and fun. There was nothing big and corporate about it, just a room filled with people who all have one passion and that was fashion. All the different fields and career points of fashion were covered by the individuals there and it was a great opportunity to network and also learn, whether is was taking advice or giving it. Definitely keep an eye out for future events as this particular one only cost £5 and was rammed with information, fun, advice, inspiration and they even had a prize giveaway at the end with some amazing prizes including jewellery and a fashion course worth £850!

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