Andy Samberg Skype Audition Skit!

Samberg SkypeJust ahead of this years Oscar’s the 28th annual ‘Film Independent Spirit’ awards took place on the beach in Santa Monica. This year’s host was none other than the hilarious Andy Samberg of The Lonely Island fame. Throughout the ceremony Andy entertained award goers with various skits and stand-up and, to be fair, did a pretty good job. Good work Andy, you did us proud!

One of his stand out skits has to be this though. After revealing actress Jennifer Lawrence had auditioned for her latest role in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ via Skype, Samberg proceeded to show a video showing how best to nail an audition using the mighty power of Skype video chat, all in his hilarious style.

We watch Andy as crashes through a number of auditions where we see him do everything from offer to fund the movie, wear a bin bag, dress up as a women and even dance around in gold pants. Just generally being the crazy fool we know and love, with mixed results. Mental!

It’s all good fun but does make you think. Are Skype auditions the future? With faster and faster internet connections and higher definition webcams being developed on what seems an almost weekly basis it seems it won’t be long before we won’t need to even step out of out front doors to be right in front of the people that matter. Applications like Skype are making the world a smaller and smaller place and wether auditioning for your next big acting role, or just wanting to keep in contact with family and friends, Skype brings those that matter closer to us.

I’m off to book a load of auditions in. Could probably batter in 10 a day this way. Wish me luck!

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