Jack Lawrence-Brown From White Lies Talks About New Album & World Tour

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

Ahead of their shared headline set at ‘Live at Leeds’ festival, which is coming up in April 2017, we caught up with Jack Lawrence-Brown from the White Lies.

White Lies, having been together and making music since their earlier shared school days, have come a long way since playing RHCP covers and trying to impress the teenage girls.

Now into their 4th studio album together, Jack exclaims “We’ve made an album of ten tracks of music that we would all like to listen to, and that we can be proud of. At this stage in our career, I think that’s the main thing. To be happy with what we are doing.

The new album, covered in this neverending maze that seems to lead to nowhere. Jack says; “The music itself was a lot more colourful, It didn’t feel like a black and white album for us. We wanted the artwork to feel like what we thought the album sounded like.”

After spending nearly an hour getting completely absorbed in the interactive design, which has taken over the White Lies website, finding all the little hidden references and nuggets, we wanted to know if there was an end in sight. Sadly Jack just tells me; “It’s like life, you never win. It’s just like going round and round.”

White Lies have returned to the road recently with a pretty epic world tour of Friends. Briefly stopping in the UK for a few shows, before jetting off around Europe. They are due back in the UK around February. “We were quite worried before, as to whether anyone would want to buy a ticket to our show anymore. But most of them have sold out, and it’s been great fun.

Chatting about what kind of setlist we might be treated to along the tour Jack says, “Isn’t it the worst when you go and see your favourite band, and they ditch all of the songs you grew up with. We’ve got songs off our first album from 8 years ago that we know people still want to hear. It’s a good mix of old and new.

Delving into the depths of what keeps White Lies going on the tour bus, Jack shares the post-show playlist, and we discover a mutual love for Depeche Mode. Unbeknown to him, Depeche Mode are doing a stadium tour next year, and he is now eager to get on the support act!

When you’re done with the show, and we get back on the bus at the end of the night, we’re not going to put on some obscure jazz record. We’re into the big 80’s hits. Tom Petty, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears. We listen to them a lot.

With such a great ‘comeback’ album now unleashed onto the world, Jack talks of his excitement for the future of White Lies and the ever looming tenth anniversary which is just on the horizon.

“It was a bit of a make or break for us with this album if it hadn’t been received well and if we hadn’t sold tickets, I wonder whether we would be super pumped to start working on something new. But as it happens it’s all been a real success, and we’ve loved every minute of it.

Two years off from touring was worth it, as it means we’ve managed to put together a record that people want to hear.

I feel like there will be many more White Lies albums to come over the next few years. I don’t think we’ll leave it quite so long this time. I think we’ll finish this tour and crack on with some new stuff as soon as we can.”

You can see White Lies heading up the bill at Live at Leeds festival. Tickets are still available here; Live at Leeds. They also hit the UK again on their current world tour of Friends. Check out the dates on their website here, along with that epic time wasting maze! (Whitelies.com)