Interview: Ette Clothing (HTF Exclusive Fashion Interview)


We love ETTE for their DIY ethic and quirky blend of grunge and boho. Run by two best friends from Manchester, Lucie and Grace are a creative force to be reckoned with. This week we caught up with them to talk vintage shopping, their recent rebranding and A/W collection…

HTF: So, you recently rebranded from Thriftette to Etteclothing. What inspired the change, and is there any thing different about a Thriftette girl to an Ette girl?

ETTE: We decided to change from Thriftette to Ette clothing as we are no longer just selling vintage. We sell other brands and also design and make our own collections as that is what we love doing. We loved being Thriftette, but it was time for a change and we wanted our rebrand to reflect where we are now. An Ette girl is young, confident and has her own sense of style. She mixes vintage and new designs and isn’t any different from a Thriftette girl. The only difference is she can now shop at Ette for everything – not just vintage.

HTF: Ette is clearly a very independent business. You design your own stock, customise unique pieces and model your own products. Did you ever imagine your job would have this level of freedom?

ETTE: We’re both creative and could never imagine ourselves in a 9-5 office job. We always aspired to work for ourselves and actually doing it is a dream come true. We get to do what we love everyday, whether it’s sitting in the sun creating mood boards, styling on photoshoots or fabric sourcing. We love that our brand represents us and appeals to every young woman out there. We know we’re not models but by doing it ourselves we have created a more personable brand that engages our customers.

HTF: What has it been like taking on interns?

ETTE: It is great to have interns working for us. We love having that extra opinion and input from someone who is also our target market. It makes days in the studio more fun and adds a new energy to the whole dimension of the brand. We couldn’t ask for a better intern that our current Ette girl, Sarah from the blog Fashion Dotty. She’s a star!

HTF: Describe an average day working at Ette Clothing

ETTE: Before we even get out of bed we are checking our emails and social media to catch up on anything we’ve missed through the night. After that, we could be doing a photoshoot, sending packages to our fave bloggers, creating press releases, designing and so much more. We always keep up to date with our social media and of course, there is the whole boring bit of doing our accounts.


HTF: Where are your favourite places to find your vintage pieces?

ETTE: Our favourite place is France for finding our awesome vintage pieces. Every month or so we make a trip down there and visit tonnes of markets. It is just such better quality than anything you can find in the UK and it’s so plentiful that we always come back with extra suitcases full of exciting items. We would love to get over to LA sometime soon to go and check out their vintage as it seems to be a great place to go for it.

HTF: What will be inspiring Ette’s stock for this Autumn / Winter?

ETTE: Our inspiration comes from all over the place but for this A/W we’ve been looking back to photos of Marianne Faithfull, listening to The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, and reading our favourite boho blogs. We’re working with a lot of velvet, paisley and fringing in deep autumn colours. You will be seeing plenty of bell sleeved items and loose fitting pants, with a bit of faux fur to add the perfect winter hippy vibe.

HTF: Ette has a blog where you’ve been sharing videos, outfit layouts and your own personal style. How important do you feel blogging is to the fashion industry?

ETTE: We think blogging is hugely important in todays fashion industry. People aren’t so much aspiring to be like celebrities, but more like their favourite blogger. In fact, some bloggers have become mini celebs through blogging. Blogs can start a trend themselves and it is great for brands to get their name out. We do feel like in the future blogging may become too diluted to have as much impact on fashion. It seems nowadays that everyone you meet has a blog, which is fine, but a lot of people have blogs for the wrong reasons.

HTF: Where do you see yourselves in the future?

ETTE: We hope to one day be rivalling Nasty Gal and, fingers crossed, be sitting on a beach in LA thinking “How the hell did we end up here?” with smiles on our faces.

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