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Feel free to use the above email for any site enquiries and mail outs.

Department Emails

If you would like to reach a certain department please use the following emails

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Q: I work for a PR company. Can we add you to our mailing lists?

A: Yes, feel free. See contacts above.

Q: How can we get a review on HTF?

A: Drop an email to the appropriate genre department. Please DO NOT send large files to us. Please send links to downloads only or email the department for an address to send psychical promos. Please note, we get a lot of submissions and can not guarantee to review everything we are sent. We do offer a fast track review service if you wish to have a guaranteed review on the site. For this please contact for pricing details.

Q: We wish to advertise on Hit The Floor. What are your rates?

A: Contact with what you are looking for.

Q: Can you write about our brand, product or service?

A: We do offer sponsored editorial opportunities with what you are looking for and we can discuss. We have worked with brands such as Samsung, Converse, Skype, Phones4U and many more.


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