A New Shoe For Isabel Marant


It’s safe to say that all designers at some point or another create some really different items that make us question what was going through their minds? Isabel Marant has just created such an item. They have been called the ‘Ugly Chic Shoe’. As if we haven’t seen plenty of ugly shoe creations lately from designers such as the Celine 2013 collection of just out of this world shoe collection.

Isabel Marant’s design isn’t has out there as the Celine collection, its more of a gym/slipper shoe wanting to be chic with the criss cross leather. The 2014 spring runway show itself showcased them with grommets, bow-ties details and wrap-around ankle straps. Maybe they’re cute? Or it just might take some time for us to get used to seeing them around right?

About Adrielyn Christi

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